Launching knowtu

Daniel Harrison on March 2, 2010

The future continues to be information.  Advantage goes to those that are better at leveraging their connections, can process and digest new information faster, discover and apply existing solutions and knowledge to get things done.   I’m launching knowtu to amplify and magnify these effects for teams and individuals.

My interest in the field was first started studying information economics.  The study of information arbitrage, asymmetries and efficiencies, rational and irrational agents got me focussed on markets and teams as organic engines that relentlessly consumed information manifesting in real world actions and activities that forever changed my view of the world.

Since then I’ve been involved in shipping software products and services and have seen daily the difficulties teams have managing the increasing volume and depth of information they have to deal with.  The great boon since the introduction of the PC to business is allowing people to do more with a generalisation of skills; but as people do more, the knowledge they have to possess, utilise and manage has exponentially increased and the cost of just managing this information is reaching saturation point.

I worked at the national library in the hope that I would be able to develop tools that extracted and refined the knowledge of the past to help people understand the nation and world they live in today.  I’ve introduced wiki’s and tools to teams to try and collect and retain knowledge.  All of these tools help but to some extent become just another resource that needs to be curated, managed and digested.  Comparatively cheap computational power, algorithms and technology have reached the tipping point where we can start applying them to intelligently understand context and semantics.

Information and knowledge isn’t available at the right speed or the right time and valuable information is often forgotten and overlooked.   The effect of the constant flow of information that is growing rapidly means individuals and teams are getting swamped trying to do their real job and are suffering from information fatigue.  Effort is often misapplied and redirected into managing the information.   People are now spending more time managing information rather than getting the things done they set out to achieve.   Knowtu is trying to help solve these problems so teams can be more focussed, productive and get things done.

If you’d like to share your thoughts and problems you face retaining and managing knowledge and information; and sign up for pre-release access to knowtu software, email