The Road to Point Alpha

Daniel Harrison on August 3, 2010

Knowtu has been heads down in R&D for the last few months exploring ideas and the problems people face every day in their working lives around collaboration and knowledge. We’ve cried, we’ve laughed and we’ve thrown out more than we’ve kept. The good news is, very shortly knowtu will be opening up it’s initial alpha product for feedback and use. The path to a successful product is a long one and this initial product is an early peek into the focus of the company and technology stack.

The initial product is focussed on making it easy for individuals and teams to store and share knowledge. Sounds like a wiki you say, well it’s close but different ;) . If you’ve ever used a wiki, you know the pain it can be to enter and manage content in systems focussed on organisations with 100’s and 1000’s of users. Much time is lost working with the wiki system rather the knowledge it’s meant to be capturing. Knowtu is initially focussing on a simplified process helping tech savvy users enter high quality information in a faster way. The secondary focus is to verify that the technology platform will scale as a product. This will allow us to develop the core technology and add the focus on analytics, collaboration, information stream management and applied intelligence as we develop these capabilities and see how people use our tools in their daily working lives. Expect more on the long term vision in the near future as the technology platform shapes up.

As knowtu opens up about the problems we’re solving, our technology and where knowtu is going; expect more frequent updating of this blog and a new website. If you’re interested in providing alpha feedback you can register at ; or if you’re interested in just having a discussion about collaboration, communication in your organisation; email us at