About Knowtu

Daniel Harrison on August 25, 2007

Information and knowledge is sinking us; Not available at the right speed or the right time, valuable information is often lost and overlooked. The effect of this constant flow of information that is growing rapidly means individuals and teams are getting swamped trying to do their real job. Effort is often misapplied and redirected into managing and just keeping up the stream of information. Knowtu is trying to help solve these problems so teams can be more focussed, productive and get things done.

Our solution?

Knowtu products help people contribute, filter, manage and enrich this stream of information and then deliver and share it to help either individuals directly or groups focussed on particular objectives. By speeding the pace and increasing the focus of collaboration, organisations and teams work better together to get things finished.

Where knowtu is really focussed is team communication, knowledge and activity. Groups often have conflicting and competing goals and information, by acting as a hub for this information, knowtu products can collectively help teams focus on what’s important and empower individuals to get things done to achieve team objectives|goals|desires. By collating and acting as a repository of shared intelligence knowtu also ensures teams can leverage and retain this shared information and do more together.

If you’re interested in our products and want to register for early access head over to knowtu.com or email us at product@knowtu.net